Ankle and Foot

The leg, sitting between the knee and the ankle consists of the tibia and fibular bones. The calf muscles make up the posterior portion of the leg. The ankle is formed at the base of the tibia and fibular with the talus (a foot bone). Like many of the other major joints listed it is surround by a joint capsule and many ligaments. It is these ligaments that are damaged when you sprain your ankle. The rest of the foot is made up of 26 individual bones joined together by ligaments and muscles.

If you have injured your foot the first thing to do, even before seeking professional advice is to get someice on the injury to prevent increased inflammation and further tissue damage.

Common conditions of the leg, ankle and foot that are presented at Spinal Joint.



Conditions of the lower leg, foot and ankle have a habit of reoccurring as few people allow them to resolve completely before returning to activity, nor do they often complete all of the necessary rehabilitation. Or there may be an underlying biomechanical cause and it is worth having your walk analysed on a treadmill.