The pelvis is formed by the bones of the ilium, ischium and pubis, which are fused together to form the pelvic bowl that sits at the end of the spine, connected to the sacrum which acts like the key stone to the circle. From there the pelvis joins each of the legs. The pelvis is supported by a large number of ligaments and muscles and houses the reproductive viscera and bladder.

Common back conditions that patients present with at the Spinal Joint.

The pelvic joints, especially the sacroiliac joints can cause a lot of pain in anyone who injures them, but they and the pubic joints can be particularly painful if injured when pregnant.


Brooke, our osteopath, has a specialised interest in the treatment of pregnant women and the changes that occur in the pelvis through the stages of pregnancy and post partum. For information on how our practitioners can support you through pregnancy please contact the Spinal Joint.