Thoracic Spine

The thoracic spine is made up of twelve vertebra and protects spinal nerves. The rib cage attaches to the thoracic spine, providing protection for the heart, lungs and autonomic nervous system. Therfore this part of the spine is generally the most rigid and pain often manifests between the shoulder blades due to poor posture at the work station.

The most common conditions of the thoracic spine which are presented at the Spinal Joint are:

For the health of the neck and lumbar spine it is important for the joints of the thoracic spine and ribs to maintain their range of motion. As most people spend a lot of time at computers working in akward positions, straining their upper back and shoulders the thoracic spine is a common source of pain and stiffness.



Spinal Joint provides a range of services that can increase the range of motion of the joints and decrease the tension in the muscles and joints. If you know you are stiff or have pain in this region, be sure to come and speak to us to see if we can help