Low Back

The lumbar spine consists of five large vertebra, lumbar discs that sit on the sacrum bone and pelvis. The five large lumbar and sacral nerves exit the spine and to form a plexus part of which forms the sciatic nerve a major source of leg pain for people with back problems.

The lumbar spine supports the upper body and spine and transfers the weight from the spine into the pelvis and lower limbs as we sit, stand and walk. Sitting in particular puts a lot of stress on the lower back.

Common back conditions that patients present with at the Spinal Joint.


The lumbar spine is one of the greatest sources of pain in our society. Most people will experience some form of lower back pain in their lifetime, which can be very debilitating so it is important to seek treatment before the problem becomes chronic and harder to treat.



It is also important your core muscles are strong to support the back. Our dedicated team of therapists at Spinal Joint have many years of experience treating back pain as well as extensive knowledge of exercises that will help strengthen your core and back to prevent future episodes. Contact us before those niggles you feel each morning become chronic. spinaljointback