Arm and Elbow

The elbow is made up of the humerus of the arm and the ulna and radius of the forearm. It is surround by a joint capsule and overlying ligaments. Most of the muscles that allow movement of the wrist and hand, as well as those from the arm, attach to the elbow. It is a hinge joint that allows for greater use of our upper limb; without it our arm would not bend.

Common elbow conditions that patients present with at the Spinal Joint.

The elbow often goes unnoticed when considering injuries as problems in the muscles attaching to the elbow are often felt in the wrist or hand. Our computer driven society has our hands on a keyboard or mouse for most hours of the day. As it is the muscles that begin at the elbows that drive the finger taping to occur, it is important to ensure that the health of these muscle and their joint of origin are in good working order. Come and see us at Spinal Joint Kingston to keep that mouse clicking, pain free!