Hand and Wrist

The wrist and hand is a complex part of our anatomy due to the dexterous natural of the nerves, ligaments and muscles that allows our hands especially to do all that is required of them. The wrist is formed by the ulna and radius of the forearm and the first row of carpal bones in the hand, while the hand itself contains 27 bones.

Common hand & wrist conditions that patients present with at the Spinal Joint.



We often underestimate how much we use our hands and wrists until they are injured. We also tend to ignore pain in this area, unless the onset is traumatic, hoping that the niggle will go away. While are hands and wrists are not as commonly injured as our backs or necks, it is important to take care of them. Come and speak to one of our staff members at Spinal Joint to see how we can help any problems you are having with your wrists or hands.

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