It is during lifting after a period of inactivity like taking something out of the boot of the car, when a lot of lower back injuries occur. You may be lifting something heavy on a building site or something as daytoday as your own child.

Regardless of what it is, it is important to lift with your legs, not your back. To do this you must bend at your knees, not from your waist, being sure to keep your back straight. If you lift heavy items regularly and find you get back pain, as well as strengthening your back with exercise, it might be worth looking into a support belt to wear around your waist while you are lifting. If the items you are picking up are really too heavy to lift on your own, or an akward shape be sure to get help from other people.

If you are carrying things in one hand, such as a handbag, be sure to swap hands/shoulders regularly. If you carry a lot of items every day use a backpack and carry it on both shoulders, otherwise get yourself a wheelie bag.

Use your legs when lifting. Start with one knee on the floor, use the strength of your arms to raise the object up onto your mid-thigh, then use the power of your legs to stand up.