Due to the amount of time we generally spend sitting each day it is important to be aware of good sitting posture. The first element to your sitting is your chair. Recently at a school reunion we noticed the desks had not been changed in 40 years.

We at Spinal Joint recommend the use of a swiss ball as an alternative to a chair. When sitting on a swiss ball you require the small muscles of your back and pelvis, those of your core, to be constantly working and aware to keep you stable. By having an active core you should be less inclined to slump forward through your upper back and shoulders.

If the swiss ball is not an option then select a good quality chair with a high back and a good lumbar support for your lower back. We can advice you on this. Sit your bottom into the back of the chair and have your back flat against the chair. Have your feet flat on the ground or on a foot rest, and try to ensure your thighs are horizontal or slightly down towards the floor.