Work Station

If you are someone who works at a hot desk, or even if it is just using the computer at home, it is important to have your desk set up correctly as incorrect set up can lead to problems through your entire back.

Your place of employment should have someone who is trained on workplace assessment, and if not should be able to hire someone to come in. Alternatively we can come in and assess your set up.

Your chair and how you sit in it should be set up as stated in the sitting section. In addition to this, your chair height should enable you to sit with your arms comfortably resting on your desk with neither your shoulders raised or drooped forward. Your chair should be able to slide partially under your desk when you are sitting on it.

Assumming you use a computer, your screen should be at eye level when you are sitting upright, with your shoulders comfortably back and your head and neck upright, looking forward. If not, or if you use a laptop, be sure to have these raised to the correctly height, even if you use books to rest them on. If you do use a laptop an alternative option is to get a separate screen to attach to it that can be placed at the correct height. You can also get a separate keyboard and mouse to give you more freedom to move.




All other items you use regularly should be within easy reach. If you need desk space to write on then create a separate space on your desk that you can fully turn your chair to when using. Do not have a set up that causes you to twist to use.

For further information on your desk set up please contact us at Spinal Joint, Richard Lanigan is a professional member of the Ergonomics Association

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