Cushions & Back Supports

Sissel introduced the Sitfit over 10 years ago, it was the very first air filled disc used to help promote a correct sitting posture.  The Sitfit has proved to be a valuable tool in the re-education of the "core" muscles and rehabilitation of the back.  It is durable enough to be used as a wobble board to increase proprioception and ankle stability.

The Sitfit has found it's way into several diverse and separate disciplines were it is used to treat a wide range of conditions and situations.  They are used from amputee rehabilitation clinics, in dyspraxia, ADHD and MS conditions to exercise/fitness classes and Pilates.

Sissel now produce the Sitfit Plus, the only dual purpose air filled cushion, with it's "squared" off edge giving more thigh support for longer periods of sitting.  Turn the Sitfit Plus round and you have a round edge for more dynamic sitting or exercise.

The cushion can be used to help rehabilitate specific injuries such as ankle sprains and knee problems, or it can also be used to work core muscles to aid in back strengthening or strengthen the gluteal muscles of a runner of cyclist to aid performance. It can also be used to help with general balance issues.

The Sitfit air cushion is used to sit on, to add cushioning to a chair for comfort over long periods while keeping the back muscles actively working to enhance upright posture and reduce the strain on the upper body. It provides a slightly unstable surface that increases the activity of the core muscles without taking up the room of a swiss ball.