Swiss Exercise Balls

A primary benefit of exercising with a swiss ball, as opposed to exercising directly on a hard flat surface is that the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging many more muscles Those muscles become stronger over time to keep balance. Most frequently, the core body muscles — the abdominal muscles and back muscles — are the focus of exercise ball fitness programs.

We are often asked to reccomend a chair for sitting the answer is the least comfortable to ensure clients dont spend hours in one position. Sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair will be beficial because the abdominal and back muscles are constantly engaged and active maintaing proper posture and balance on the ball. 

This large plastic ball, can also be used during labour to aid the descent of the fetal head into the pelvis. Sitting in an upright position will also aid fetal positioning and is more comfortable for the woman. Sitting on the ball with arms placed on a bed, table or otherwise sturdy object for support and gently rocking the hips may help the woman during contractions and aid the natural physiological process of birth.

If you are interested in exercising with a Swiss ball please speak to us at Spinal Joint. We also run a Swiss ball based core stability class at Esporta/ Virgin Active over Sainsburys on Richmond road

Exercise Ball by Sissel

  • High safety standards, burst proof up to 75 kg dynamic weight.
  • Handles static weight up to 500 kg.
  • Strengthens back musculature and can help relieve back pain.
  • Encourages correct posture.
  • Proven training aid in fitness and rehabilitation.
  • Can be used instead of a chair to sit on at home, at work or in school.
  • Latex and phthalate free.
  • Surface has a pleasant, warm feel but is extremely resistant to abrasion.
  • Size: