Conditions that theoretically can be helped by spinal care.

A survey by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) in 2005 found that 83% of chiropractors saw themselves as health care practitioners dealing with the wellbeing of their clients. Unfortunately this is not how chiropratic is perceived by the public. In 1995 the Medical Research Councils Meade study, showed chiropractic to be more effective for back pain than NHS treatment. By 2010 the NICE guidlines for back pain reccommended Spinal manipulation, by a skilled chiropractor or osteopath rather than traditional treatment methods like electrotherapy and injections. As a result back pain and "spinal manipulation" have received most attention in relation to chiropractic.  Llttle research has been done on the physiological changes after a spinal adjustment as a result of the relationship between spinal joint nerve receptors and the Autonomic Nervous System see diagram on right. However as you can see from the list below people visited the our clinic in Kingston with all sorts of problems in 2008. Spinal manipulation is not a cure all however improving spinal joint function may help conditions that have a spinal nerve element.

People who attended Park Clinic in 2008 reported the following conditions in their history.


We are not stating that spinal care cures these conditions however for a variety of reasons we find improving spinal joint function does improve the quality of life of the vast majority of our clients. If you click the links there is plausable evidence and case studies of people being helped, by spinal care. Many people continue to visit the clinic even when treatment has not achieved everything that they had hoped for, because they grow to understand how a healthy spine contributes to better health: better sports performance; an easier pregnancy. 





We see many children from infants who may have experienced neck trauma at birth, colic, children with growing pains and other childhood disorders and those developing postural problems carrying school bags. In the UK Cranial Osteopathy has been seen as the alternative treatment of choice for children, in Scandinavia it is chiropractic and where most research has been done looking at the effect of chiropractic on colic.

Richard Lanigan DC MSc has four children and they get their spines checked every month as a matter of course and if they need a adjustment it is performed with skill and without pain.