Our Services & Pain Management

Most people who attend Spinal Joint for the first time have aches and pain which may  be debilitating or just preventing them from performing normal activity. For example sitting for long periods changes spinal posture resulting in stiffness and reduced range of movement of the joints of the back and neck. Restoring joint motion with spinal manipulation performed by a chiropractor or osteopath will inhibit pain transmission, relaxe tight muscles and improves co-ordination and posture. Movement is very important for reducing pain and explains why pain is often worse after a night in a bed.

For people in pain, returning to physical activity as soon as possible is vital for a good outcome, early intervention is key to restoring normal function and breaking the self perpetuating cycle of pain inflammation and muscle spasm developing. When a joint is painful use a cold pack to reduce the inflammation; pain medication should only be used as a last resort because it just masks the underlying cause of the problem. Continued use of pain medication increases the likelihood of chronicity and osteoarthritis later in life.

A structured exercise program to strengthen "core" muscles, improve posture and maintain normal joint motion is essential to maintain the benefits of treatment. Every week we have exercise classes for our clients at Virgin Active in Kingston.

It is now widely accepted that a course of manual therapy, such as, spinal manipulation and massage or acupuncture is the best way to manage acute low back pain. Spinal Joint is the only clinic in the Kingston area offering all these services which are listed on the menu on the left.


Stages of Treatment & pain management

The healing process takes time and unless there was recent trauma, it is likely that the cause of a problem can be traced back to long before the first symptoms were experienced. We conduct our treatment plan in three stages:

1) The Acute Stage; lasts about three weeks, from your first visit until your symptoms disappear or stabilise. We find about 90% of our clients become symptom free or much improved in 10 to 14 days and are able to return to normal activity.

2) The Rehabilitative Stage; Exercise strengthens and stabilises weakened joints. People often think they have recovered when symptoms disappear. Improving the strength and flexibility of the spine takes time, just like it takes time to lose weight get fit or fix misaligned teeth. To prevent reoccurrence, our patients are given a personalised downloadable PDF core stability exercise programme. Then the time between visits is increased as the spine strengthens.

3) The Maintenance Stage; You brush your teeth, watch your blood pressure, have your car serviced before it leaves you stranded on the motorway. Unfortunately most people tend to neglect their weight and physical well being. You body has to cope with physical, chemical and emotional stress every day, make sure it is in good working order.

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