Rehabilitation and Exercise

Part of treating an injury should always involve improving the strength, stability of the injured tissues and joints. Within many acute injuries there is an underlying contributory factor such as poor posture and tight or weak muscles that can predispose you to health problems. Therefore it is important to address these underlying factors when treating the injury otherwise there is an increased chance that it will re – occur again. As part of your treatment you are likely to be given exercises to help address these factors and improve your treatment outcome.

If the injury is due to trauma, such as with sports injuries, then the need for strength and stability takes on a more sport specific role, but it is equally as important to ensure the return to activity is as quick as possible and the risk of further injury is reduced.

At Spinal Joint, the Clinic Director Richard Lanigan worked with many of Denmark’s elite sports people in the 80s and was a pioneer of the type of preparation for optimal performance which is normal for today’s top sportsmen. Richard worked with Kingstonians during their glory years in the late 90s, due to family commitments Richard can no longer give the time demanded by sports clubs, however he is happy to see sports people looking for a second opinion as clients in the clinic..