Headache & Migraines

The skull and facial bones house and protect the brain and sensory organs such as the eyes. The brain gives rise to the nerves of the body via the spinal cord and requires a large blood supply. The head and the brain it contains is the master of our physiological system we require for life, enabling us to interact with the world. 

Common head conditions that patients present with at the Spinal Joint.

  1. Headaches e.g. tension, referred from neck & cluster 
  2. Migraines 
  3. Concussion 
  4. Ear, nose and throat pain 
  5. Temperomandibular joint issues (jaw)
  6. Facial pain, neuralgia. 

Due to the important role that the head plays it is essential that anything disturbing its function is rectified. Most major issues involving the head will often need to be refered out for medical investigation. However headaches are a very common ailment of society and depending on their cause, can be helped with manual therapy.

Head pain can also sometimes be referred from neck and jaw problems, or rebound headaches caused by taking too many painkillers to deal with headaches.

Chiropractic through the use of spinal manipulation (adjustments) and soft tissue work, can help improve neck function and nerves controlling soft tissue on head. It is also important that neck muscles are strong to support the back.